about us

Payroll co-op is the first and only real free payroll system with forms and e-filing (by upload.) An Internet search for payroll provides a long list of falsely claimed "Free" payroll sites and apps. However, those are either temporary offers just to make the employer to sign up or certain features like e-filing or some forms are not included in the free offer and at some point they make employers to pay for creating and filing his / her tax forms.

File and pay payroll taxes directly and use IRS grace period - up to 45 days after payday.

Payrollcoop.com is a forever free payroll application for small businesses. It creates paychecks, calculates federal Unemployment Tax FUTA, Social Security taxes and federal withholdings. It creates federal tax forms quarterly 941 (and Schedule B), annual form 940 (and schedule A). IRS only allows paper filing directly by employers so the 941 and 940 forms are created in pdf that you can pint and mail to IRS. Our real free payroll also created Social Security administration forms W-2 , W-3 both in pdf and uploadable formats. You can upload the W2 and W3 forms directly to Social Security Administration website, ssa.gov. As a really free payroll application payrollcoop also caclulates states taxes and creates state tax reports. Currently California, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida and Texas are inculded in tax tables and tax report forms.