Federal Form 941 and Schedule B

Review and edit your 941 data. Then, print it on the IRS supplied PDF version.

View the official forms 941 here and Schedule B here.

You need a 'Federal Employer Identification Number' or fein to file IRS quarterly form 941. An employer may use his / her Social Security number in lieu of a fein. Payroll co-op creates an editable 941 form filled with your data for your view and approval. You may edit some of the data fields. Then, with one click it creates the PDF version for you to print and mail to IRS and/or save a copy on your computer.

Our free payroll software fills out company info section of form 941 based on the information you provided when creating your company file in the app. Please take care and ensure the accuracy of your company data to avoid errors in form 941.
IRS form 941 begins with your FEIN (EIN.) Then your business name (not the trade name), then Trade name(if any), etc.

Some taxpayers are confused between the "Business Name" and the "Trade Name." So, for the purpose of Form 941 what is "Name (not your trade name)" vs. "Trade Name"? Simple answer is: just make sure in the field "Name (not your trade name) you have your business name as you have filed with IRS and other legal documents. That is the business name IRS has issued the EIN (FEIN) for. If "Name" field does not match the name IRS has on your business file your 941 form will be rejected. Your business may or may not have a "Trade Name" which is something like a trademark or what you may use in marketing or your business is known for other than the officially registered name. If you have one, you can include that in "Trade Name (if any)" field.
In Payroll co-op free payroll software in the 'Company Info' section make sure you have the company name exactly the same as the name you have on file with IRS. That name will be included in form 941 by the software.