E-File New York Payroll Reports

Payrollco-op is approved by the State of New York for NYS-45 Upload.

New York payroll taxes include New York State Withholding, State Unemployment Insurace - UI, New York City and Yonkers Withholdings. Reporting is done quarterly using Froms NYS-45 and NYS-45-ATT. Employers use form NYS-1 to report and pay the tax liabilities as frequently as rerquired. New York Department of Taxation and Finance allows individual employers directly upload forms NYS-45, NYS-45-ATT and NYS-1 to the New York Department of Taxation website.
Residents of the City of New York are also subject to an additional income tax that employers need to withhold. Residents of Yonkers, NY are also subjet to Yonkers Residents Income Tax and employers must withhold the income tax from each paycheck. If a company is located in Yonkers then employees who do not reside in Yonkers but work in Yonkers will be subject to Yonkers non-resident tax. Employers must withhold and report the tax from each paycheck. Reporting of the New York City and City of Yonkers wittholding are done using the same form NYS-45 that employers report their other state taxes. NYS-45 and NYS-ATT must be reported online. Payroll co-op software creates the uploadable file that employers can upload directly to the Department of Taxation without any third party involvement. Employers need to register for e-filing with New York Department of Taxation.

Payrollcoop.com creates, for free, the required CSV files for you to upload and also in pdf for your records. The due date and the grace period for depositing employer's liabilities depends on amount of taxes due.

See New York Payroll Taxes web upload for details.

Employers must sign up with New York Department of Taxation to gain access to the department system to upload their reports.
It is also recommended to upload a test file the first time they use the system to become familiar with the app.