Data Security & Privacy

It is all about 'Ownership of Data'.

A business database is one of the most critical assets of any business. Secure and permanent access to the data contained in your payroll software is a necessary business management requirement as it not only includes your employees' sensitive personal data it also contains tax and regulatory compliance information about your business that you need to have access to for years to come. You must own your data unconditionally.

Your business database, especially your payroll data is a gold mine for marketers and a potential liability for your business. Who controls your data and at what cost when you save all your sensitive data on an online fee-for-service software company. Can you save it on your computer or anywhere you want? If so, can you use it then? Can you open the application that created your data from your computer?There is no Security or Privacy if you don't fully own and control your data. That means you must have unconditional access and control over your data at all times including access to the application that you use to create the data. "non-payment", "expiration of subscription" or "new version required" are not valid excuses to block you from accessing your data.

  Long gone are the days when you owned your desktop payroll software and used it as long as you wanted. Long gone is the time that you had full control of your data with almost complete privacy. Now, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is in control of what you use and where you keep your data. It has thrived into the most prominent way to deliver software to users. Now, you must pay a monthly fee or forget about your data.

  Can you still claim that you own your data? While you read and hear about data security and privacy everywhere you do not hear much, if any at all, about data ownership. Of course, without access to the application you are out of luck. That is why we provide all our members with a free complementary application as a "Desktop Module" which is the desktop version of our online system. You can download your online data and use it "offline" with zero dependency to our system. Our free desktop module gives you complete ownership of your data that cannot be taken away. Another benefit of our 'Desktop Module' is that you can keep your employees' Social Security numbers offline and only on your computer. That is just another reason that Payroll co-op is the first and only Free Payroll system.

Our 'Desktop Module' is intended to be a working back up of our online payroll software to provided you with permanent access to your online data. Do not use it to create new data or edit your existing data offline as future versions may not be compatible with the current version. Also, the 'Desktop Module' may not get updated as frequently as the Online version so some features and tax tables may not be available when you may need them.