E-File Texas Payroll Reports (Upload)

Texas has only one payroll tax: State Unemployment Tax - UI. Reporting is done quarterly at the Texas Unemployment Tax Registration website. Texas Workforce Commission allows employers to directly upload the Unemployment tax liability Report. our really free payroll software, payrollcoop.com, creates the report that you upload to the commission website.

Payrollcoop.com creates the required file for you.

See Texas Unemployment Tax Information for details.

Unfortunately State of Texas has not provided enough details about the format of the uploadable CSV report. The published information on the Texas Unemployment Tax website is what we have used in our app to create the report. Your real Free Payroll app, payrollcoop.com has requested more details of the required file from Texas Workforce Commission in May 2020. We will update this page as soon as Texas provides us with all the details necessary to confirm the accuracy of the generated file.
Meanwhile, you may create an Unemployment Tax Liabiltiy Report using payrollcoop and submit it as a test to ensure the correctness of the format. There are 'Test Data' included in the app that you can use to generate the test report.